About the company

Dnipryany River Port is a private harbor and transport system targeting the market of port services for more than 20 years.
We are located below the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, Nova Kakhovka city, Kherson region which provides a year-round functioning of the port.
We are located on the left bank, 60 km to North-East away from Kherson with the sea gate to the Black sea and further the Mediterranean sea, which allows to trade with different countries, different continents, all year round.
Днепрянский речной порт
Выход в море
The town has good transport links to the Odessa railroad, and highways. Thus the city – the port is connected with all regions of Ukraine, CIS and far abroad.

The services that we provide
We are ready to provide integrated transport solutions for the following cargoes:
  • scrap metals;
  • bulk cargoes;
  • steel products;
  • construction materials, both in bulk and packed in big-bags;
  • any cargoes on pallets;
  • crops and other products of agricultural segment;
  • your offer.
We provide services of cargo storage in the open areas and in dry warehouses.
Also, we are ready to provide traceability records of cargoes, customs clearance and ship’s agency service.


Location - the port is located on the main channel of the Dnieper 12 km below Kakhovka dam.
Working time pattern – year-round.
Length of moorage wall – 135 m.
Depth at the dockside – 4.5 m.
Прием грузов
Прием судов
We are capable of harboring the following vessels: "river – sea" ("Volgo-Don", "Volgo-Balt" etc.) with the loaded draft up to 4.2 m, under Ukrainian and foreign flags.

Receipt of cargo in the port

The cargo is delivered to the port by road, vessel, or railway “Nova Kakhovka branch of “Kyiv-Dniprovske MPPZhT (inter-industry enterprise of industrial railway transportation)” (we carry out the unloading from wagons and deliver cargo to the port).
Прием грузов
Прием грузов
Прием грузов

The technical capabilities of the port

Unloading - loading equipment:
  • crane boat KPL.
  • Fuchs 360.
  • O&K MH6.
  • track type tractor
Additional equipment:
  • weighing station – car 80 t
  • motor vehicles
  • different clamshell grabs for different types of cargoes
  • magnetic disks
If it is necessary, we will use additional resources and equipment to provide services to the client for stevedoring.


“Dnipryany River Port” Private Enterprise

2A Novolaherska str., Dnipryany village, Nova Kakhovka district, Kherson region

+38 0552 394398

+38 050 8226365

Днепрянский речной порт
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